FOOD & DRINK at Al Molo


Al Molo's menus bring traditional Italian cuisine together with a modern style.


Bringing locally sourced seasonal produce together with the finest Italian ingredients, the deliciously flavoured food will give you a taste experience that you won't forget. Oh, and you can't visit Al Molo without trying one of Giuseppe's signature dishes, especially the delectable Tiramisu!


Our menus are updated throughout the year so you get to try something new when you come to visit us.


You can see our current menus below.


Antipasti / Starters
Homemade bread & Focaccia with homemade dips, butter & balsamic 7.5 (VG)
Heritage cherry tomatoes & strawberry salad, fresh herbs & flavoured balsamic 8.5 (GF, V)
Focaccia bruschetta with tomato & basil & lemon mayo 8.75 (V)
Potato, mushroom & truffle croquette, Summer pear, ginger & black garlic 9 (VG)
Pan-fried scallops with Martini burnt aubergine purée, Summer crunchy salad 13.5 (GF)
Warm sliced pork belly (Porchetta) with rocket, fennel & lemon 8.25 (GF)
Italian fine cured meat antipasto with preserved & pickled vegetables 13 (GF)
Octopus tentacle salad, homemade pickled vegetables, basil mayo & herbs salad 10.25 (GF)
Battered braised Ox cheeks, black olives, red peppers & salad garnish 10
Fried calamari in semolina flour, rainbow potato crisps, lemon & saffron mayo 11
Warm brined king prawns, chickpea hummus, compressed cucumber & mint 13 (GF)
Mini lamb kofta Italian style mint yogurt buckwheat & mixed salad 9

Main Courses, Pasta & Risotto

Penne arrabbiata, chilli, parsley, garlic & tomato sauce 9 (VG)
Ravioli filled with white fish, creamy bisque, basil, tomato concasse & lemon 17 
Homemade Tagliatelle in a rich beef bolognese sauce 14
Risotto with saffron, pea & cuttlefish - Veg opt 11.50 - fish opt 14.50 (GF)
Tortelloni filled with braised lamb, gorgonzola, walnut & pancetta sauce 15.50 (N)
Paccheri di gragnano with tomato & basil sauce, grated dry ricotta 13 (VG, VO)
Linguine with seafood in a light tomato, garlic & white wine sauce 21
Homemade purple potato gnocchi, pecorino cheese fondue, black truffle honey 11.5
Sous vide roast chicken supreme, rainbow carrots, roasted crushed chickpeas 18 (GF)
Pan-fried lamb fillet with a mushroom sauce served with garlic minted mashed potatoes 23 (GF)
Sous vide Monkfish poached at 62°, purple roast potatoes & peas 23 
Pan-fried salmon fillets, sweet mashed potatoes, crispy summer vegetables, sour cream & chives dressing 19 (GF)
Cod steak served with crispy polenta & pancetta red pepper sauce 18
8oz beef fillet served with garlic fries, rocket & parmesan salad 28 (GFO)


Mixed salad 6 | Rocket with parmesan salad 7 | Roast potatoes 4

Mashed potatoes 4 | Fries 4 | Truffle fries 7 (M) | Sautéed garlic spinach 6

Green beans 6 | Tomato onion basil & balsamic salad 7


Chicken nuggets fries & salad 7.50 | Scampi fries & salad 8

Penne Tomato & basil 8 (VG) | Penne bolognese 8

GF = Gluten Free - GFO = Gluten Free Option - VG = Vegetarian

VO = Vegan Option - N = Contains Nuts - M = Contains Mushrooms

Al Molo - Ristorante Italiano - Group Set Menu - Spring 2022 - V3.png